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Wireless AP: startup
Discovery and registration
Discovery step 5: the multicast SLP solution
If all of the preceding methods fail to locate a HiPath Wireless Controller, then the Wireless AP
sends out a multicast SLP request, looking for any SLP Service Agents providing the "siemens"
Registration after discovery
Any of the discovery steps 2 through 5 can inform the Wireless AP of a list of multiple IP
addresses to which the Wireless AP may attempt to connect. Once the Wireless AP has
"discovered" these addresses, it sends out connection requests to all of them simultaneously.
It will attempt to register only with the first which responds to its request.
When the Wireless AP obtains the IP address of the HiPath Wireless Controller, it connects and
registers, sending its serial number identifier to the HiPath Wireless Controller, and receiving
from the HiPath Wireless Controller a port IP address and binding key.
Once a Wireless AP is registered with a HiPath Wireless Controller:
it appears in the Wireless AP Access Approval screen. You can check its status in this
screen. If the registration mode was “Approved only” then the status will be “Pending”. You
must modify it to “Approved”.
it appears in the side list in the Wireless AP Configuration: Properties screen, where you
can modify the properties and radio parameters.
its two radios appear as available choices in the Virtual Network Configuration: Topology
screen, when you are setting up a VNS (up to four VNSs for each radio).
Before a registered Wireless AP can handle wireless traffic, you must set up a VNS definition
and assign the Wireless AP's radios to a VNS. See Section 7, “Virtual Network configuration”,
on page 73.
Discovery and registration: Wireless AP LED sequence
As the Wireless AP is powered on and boots up, you can follow its progress through the
registration process by observing the LED sequence described below.
The Status LED (center) also indicates power: dark when unit is off and green (solid) when the
AP has completed discovery and is operational.
The Wireless AP boot sequence is described below:
A31003-W1010-A100-1-7619, July 2005
HiPath Wireless Controller, Access Points and Convergence Software V3.0: User Guide