Download Siemens KI32VA50GB Owner`s manual

The presence of water in construction materials means that it is essential to allow the property to dry
out as naturally as possible. Natural materials used in the construction of your new home will expand
and contract due to the changes in temperature and moisture content of the air.
Make every effort to keep an ‘even’ temperature. The recommended room setting is 20oC (68 oF),
which should provide adequate heating. Extremes of cold and heat can lead to movement and
cracking of finishes.
Adequate ventilation is important for allowing the drying process to take place. The primary
ventilation method is the windows which have manually operated trickle vents located at the top. The
bathrooms and kitchen area have a secondary measure in the form of a mechanically operated fan.
To aid ventilation, it is recommended that windows are opened to allow a through-flow of air to all
rooms as and when the weather allows.
As the drying out process occurs, the building materials will shrink, which may cause small cracks to
appear. Some cracks may re-occur to a reduced extent. Such minor cracks are inevitable but are not
classified as defects and Thornsett is not obliged to rectify them. Trade emulsion which is a
breathable product, has been used to allow walls and ceilings to initially dry out before redecoration.
The drying out period should take approximately three to six months. Minor shrinkage cracks should
be left for this period and then filled with a DIY product such as pollyfilla or a flexible decorator’s
Thornsett cannot be held responsible for damage to additional decorations, which have been applied
too soon.
Sesame Apartments: Home Owner’s Manual