Download Miele DA 219 Technical data

To switch the lighting on
Safety cut-out
The hob lighting can be switched on
and off independently of the fan.
Should the cooker hood be left on, the
fan will switch off automatically after 10
hours. The lighting will remain on.
^ Briefly press the lighting touch
control to switch on the hob lighting.
The indicator lamp will come on.
^ Pressing the On/Off touch control will
switch the fan back on again.
The lighting will switch on at maximum
Dimming the lighting
The brightness of the lighting can be
^ With the lighting switched on, press
and hold the hob lighting touch
control in.
The brightness will gradually dim until
you release the touch control.
^ Press the touch control in again to
increase the brightness to the level
required and then release it.
If you keep the touch control pressed
in, the light will continually change
between bright and dim.
To switch the lighting off
^ Press the hob lighting touch control
briefly to switch the lighting off.
The indicator lamp will go out.