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Joystick and Joystick Guide
Push the joystick up, down, left or right
) to select an item or change
Using the Menus
Many of the camcorder’s functions can
be adjusted from the menus that open
after pressing the FUNC. button
( FUNC. ).
For details about the available menu
options and settings, refer to the Menu
Options Lists (
Selecting a FUNC. Menu Option
Press the joystick itself (
) to save the
settings or confirm an action. On menu
screens, this is indicated by the icon
The functions assigned to the joystick
change according to the operation
mode and the camcorder’s settings.
Press (
) to display/hide the joystick
guide. In the illustrations of this manual,
positions other than those relevant to
the function explained are marked with
a striped pattern.
Depending on the operation mode,
these positions may be empty or show a
different icon than the one on the
When the guide contains multiple
“pages”, [NEXT] and the page number
icon ( ) will appear at the bottom
position. Push the joystick ( ) toward
[NEXT] to display the next “page” of the
1 Press FUNC. .
2 Select ( ) the icon of the
function you want change from the
left side column.
Menu items not available will appear
grayed out.
3 Select (
) the desired setting
from the available options at the
bottom bar.
• The selected option will be
highlighted in light blue. Menu
items not available will appear
grayed out.
• With some settings, you will need
to make further selections (
) and/or press (
). Follow
the additional operation guides
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