Canon HR10 Instruction manual Download

- Do not subject the camcorder to
vibrations or strong impacts.
- Do not open the disc cover and do not
remove the disc.
- Do not disconnect the power source
or turn off the camcorder.
- Do not change the operating mode.
• About the Power Save mode: To save power
when the camcorder is powered by a
battery pack, the camcorder will
automatically shut off if left without any
operations for 5 minutes (
52). To
restore the power, slide the
switch toward MODE and release it, or
move the
switch to
back to ON again.
• When recording in very loud places
(such as fireworks shows or concerts),
sound may become distorted or it may
not be recorded at the actual levels. This
is not a malfunction.
Using the Viewfinder
When recording in bright places it
may be difficult to use the LCD
screen. In such case, change the
brightness of the LCD screen (
or use the viewfinder instead. To use
the viewfinder, keep the LCD panel
Adjust the viewfinder as necessary
with the dioptric adjustment lever.
Hold DISP. pressed down for more
than 2 seconds to change the
brightness of the viewfinder.
* The LCD screen and the viewfinder
can be used simultaneously only
when the LCD panel is turned
180 degrees to face the subject
About the Mode Switch and Recording Programs
Set the mode switch to AUTO to let the
camcorder adjust all the settings for you,
allowing you to just point the camcorder and
start shooting.
Set the mode switch to P to select one of the recording programs.
The Special Scene recording programs (
55) offer a convenient
way to select the optimal settings to match special recording
conditions. Conversely, with flexible recording programs (
you can set the shutter speed or the aperture you want, or enjoy the
flexibility to change other settings.
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