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Guidelines for Installing Networked Automation Systems in Buildings
Electromagnetic Compatibility of Fiber-Optic Cables
Fiber-Optic Cables
For communications between buildings and/or external facilities, the use of
fiber-optic cables is generally recommended. Due to the optical transmission
principle, fiber-optic cables are not affected by electromagnetic interference.
Measures for equipotential bonding and for overvoltage protection are unnecessary
with fiber-optic cables.
Fiber-optic cables are ideally suited for LAN connections in areas with high EMI
levels. Remember, however, that bus components operating on an electrical basis
such as OLMs, OSMs/ORMs etc. may require additional noise protection
measures if they are being operated in such areas. These must be protected using
the measures already mentioned such as shielding, grounding, minimum
clearance to sources of interference etc.
SIMATIC NET Twisted-Pair and Fiber-Optic Networks