Download Miele H 370 Operating instructions

Oven Operation
Description of the cooking
Top Heat
Heat from the top element can be used
to brown dishes or to finish dishes with
a cheese topping.
This mode cooks by circulating the
heated air over and around the food.
Top & Bottom Heat
The convection fan/heater combination
located on the rear wall of the oven
blows heated air through openings in
the rear panel of the oven. Because of
this, the oven usually does not need
preheating as the heated air will reach
the food immediately.
Exception: Pre-heat the oven when
roasting meat.
Use of the convection mode allows you
to bake and roast on different levels at
the same time.
Due to the uniform cooking that occurs
when using the “Convection” setting, a
lower temperature can be selected
when using this mode.
With this method of cooking, radiant
heat is directed onto food from above
and below.
Pre-heating the oven is only necessary
– baking biscuits or cakes with a short
baking time.
– baking certain types of doughs.
– roasting meat.
Bottom Heat
Select “Bottom Heat” at the end of a
baking cycle for cakes which require
extra browning on the bottom.
Auto Roast
This setting offers convection cooking
with an Auto Roast feature. The oven
will initially heat up to a high temperature in order to sear the meat and lock
in the juices, thereby allowing it to remain moist and tasty. Once this high
temperature has been reached, the
oven automatically returns to your selected temperature and continues cooking as in the “Convection” mode.
Consequently the oven should not be
pre-heated when using the auto roast