Download Miele H 258 Operating instructions

Using the roast probe
Time remaining display
End of roasting
When the selected core temperature
has been reached:
– a tone will sound for 5 seconds,
– the "e" (roast probe) symbol will
The tone can be canceled by:
– pressing the "Probe" button.
– turning the program selector to "0".
Once the oven has monitored the
cooking process, it will calculate and
display the remaining cooking time. The
core temperature will no longer be
The time remaining that is first
displayed is an estimate. As cooking
continues, the time will be revised, and
an increasingly accurate estimate will
be shown.
When finished roasting, cover the meat
with aluminum foil and allow to stand for
10 minutes. During this time, the core
temperature will rise 10°F (5°C).
If the temperature probe is left in the
food at the end of roasting, the oven
display will show the core temperature
first increasing and then decreasing.
If the selected core temperature or
oven program is changed, the time
remaining will be canceled and the
core temperature will reappear.
Shortly before the end of the cooking
time, the Energy Conservation feature
will activate. If the "Temp." button is
pressed, "EC" will appear in the display.
If the oven temperature is changed or
the core temperature increased, the
oven heating will turn on again.