Download Yamaha K-31 Technical data

30 and 31
Mq. 11
To remove the hand guard; it is necessary to raise the rear sight leaf to a 90 degree angle, then carefully lift
the hand guard turning it at the same time to clear the sight leaf. Unscrew the action screw and the
magazine plate screw and remove the barrel and the receiver.
Mq. 11
Mq. 31
Remove the barrel from the stock by Remove the barrel from the stock by
grasping it towards the rear.
grasping it from the muzzle
Only a gunsmith is authorized to disassemble the weapon further.
2. Re -assembly
Re-assembly is accomplish in reverse order of the disassembly. Be careful to not mix parts of
different rifles. Only parts with the same serial number should be assembled together.
Re-assembly operations
a) Mounting
Mq. 11
Mq. 31
Place the barrel in the stock front end first
so the mounting sleeve fits tightly into the
milled slot in the stock.
Place the barrel in the stock receiver first.
Replace the Magazine Plate
Loosely tighten the two magazine plate screws
Loosely tighten the Magazine plate Screws
and the Action Screw.
Final tighten the forward screw first and then the
aft screw
Tighten the center magazine screw
securely, then the remaining two screws
Replace the hand guard by ensuring that the metal
tab engages the slot in the rear sight housing.
Lift the rear sight leaf to a 90-degree angle
and replace the hand guard. Lower the
sight leaf
Slide the rear barrel band with the sling
loop and tighten it without bottoming out
the screw
Inspect the Sling loop spring to ensure
there is free movement and that the barrel
band is tight
Replace the front Barrel Band by placing
the lower part against the stock then swing
the upper part into position and tighten the
Replace the magazine plate