Download Yamaha K-31 Technical data

51, 52 and 53
After shooting, the mobile objective must be lowered into its slot in the stock and lower the elevation slide
to 1. If the objective remains raised, it can be easily bumped.
The thickness of the reticle crosshairs is 0.5 0/00. The
thickness of the auxiliary crosshairs is 2 0/00 . The visual
field of Model 41/42 (magnification 1.8X) measures
1250/00; The visual field of Model 31/43 (magnification
2.8X) measures 800/00.
Fig. 21
B. Scoped Rifle Model 1955
38 Scoped rifle Model 1955 is a weapon for precision shooters. It is a firearm that resembles the Mq.
Mod 31. In the hands of a good marksman, it is capable of destruction, using few cartridges, up to
distances of 500 to 600 meters, of targets isolated and not easily visible to the naked eye or in dim
lighting conditions. The scope not only facilitates sight, but also permits observation of the target
area. Thanks to good optics, an enlarged visual field and the stability of the weapon (bipod,
muzzle brake, weight of the weapon) one may observe the arrival of the shot on target.
2. Technical Information
39 Caliber
Muzzle Velocity
Uses the GP 11 cartridge
Weapon weight (ready to fire without bayonet)
Weapon weight (unloaded, without scope)
Weapon length
Height of the barrel axis from the ground (firing position with bipod)
Scope weight
Scope weight with case
Visual field
Correction tolerance
Distance adjustment
View adjustment tolerance
7.5 mm
780 m/s
6100 gr
5530 gr
121 cm
32 cm
520 gr
1050 gr
75 0/00
?75 0/00
from 0-800 m
?2 diopters