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Additional infor mation
40 The scope can be removed.
A bayonet can be mounted to the barrel.
The rifle can be aimed with the iron sight with the scope mounted to a distance of 800 m.
Compared with the Mq. 31 the Mq. Lu 55 has a smaller target dispersion pattern due to the weight
of the weapon and the barrel muzzle brake.
A good marksman, using the
bipod, and after sighting in, can achieve 95 points in 10 shots at a 300 m 10 point target.
The weapon is adjusted to a 300-meter zero. Due to this the impact point for all distances will be
1 0/00 higher than the aimpoint.
3. Handling and Maintenance
41 The methods for carrying the weapon, loading, removing cartridges, and firing are in principle the
same as that of the Mq. Mod 31.
To reload, be sure to insert the charger at a slight angle from right to left. After use, the scope is to
be placed in its case in order to avoid damaging it. The scope should be mounted only just prior to
taking a firing position. During a march and changes in firing position, the scope must be placed
in the case.
For weapon maintenance, the same procedures used for the Mq. Mod 31 will be used, especially
the instructions concerning disassembly. Instructions concerning the assembly of all the parts
differ from those of the Mq. 31 with the exception of the firing pin, the cocking piece and the
firing pin spring.
Width of vertical crosshair 2 0/00
Width of horizontal crosshair 1 0/00
Gap in the horizontal crosshair 8 0/00
Fig. 23