Download Yamaha K-31 Technical data

59, 60
Fig. 27
29 Countersunk screws for windage adjustment (loosen 1 turn)
30 Elevation knob
31 Focus ring
4. Sight adjustment procedure
43 As a general rule, the scoped rifle will be fired using the bipod; or per the situation, perhaps
supported on sandbags or on a window frame
Before each shot, the diopter adjustment will be inspected.
For the Mq. 31, small corrections in windage and elevation are made by changing the sighting
point; the procedure is the same for the Mod. 55 Scoped Rifle when not using the scope.
When using the scope, always aim at the center of the target after having adjusted the elevation
and windage to ‘dead center’.
Ensure when sighting that your eye is sighting directly down the axis of the scope, if not, the aim
point will vary from the sighting point.
Adjust the scope aim point per the following instructions:
To move the aim point to the left; turn the windage knob counterclockwise.
To move the aim point to the right; turn the windage knob clockwise.
To measure windage correction: 1 knob mark in 6 clicks is equivalent to a correction of
45cm (roughly a mans width) at 300 m or 1/5 0/00.
To adjust the aim point higher; turn the elevation knob to smaller number.
To adjust the aim point lower; turn the elevation knob to a larger number.
Unlike the windage knob, the elevation knob doe not have stop clicks.
To measure elevation correction: an adjustment of 3 to 4 moves the impact point around
35 cm higher at a distance of 300 m.
If not many shots are fired, small adjustments, say one click on the windage knob, will not assure
an accurate adjustment due to the fact that at 300 m the impact point can theoretically move
7.5 cm with the overall pattern of the rifle being approximately 20 cm.