Download Yamaha K-31 Technical data

a) Supports
The fundamental rule for shooting, sitting and standing, is to put the left side of the body
forward and in general support the body against a solid mass (tree, wall etc.).
The sling can be wrapped around the around to give the weapon greater stability.
In order to shoot more accurately, the bipod and other supports that permit the shooter to have
a selection of good positions.
b) Choice of Position
When positioning the elite marksman, one must take into consideration the following factors:
-Space for two men (where possible)
-Free visual field, in the area of the rifle barrel, such that sight of the shooter will not be
blocked by flying dust or branches.
-Camouflaged and covered position
-No position on the crest of a hill
-No position that can be easily engaged.
-Position changes that can be attained under cover.
c) Approaching and departing the shooting position.
Often, it will take much time to attain or leave a position during the day.
Taking position by day: slowly, under cover
Leaving a position: slowly, under cover.
Accessory Materials: Rope/cord (pioneer tool), camouflage materials
d) Map (target map), distance estimate.
-Mark the target by means of a map (target map)
-Estimate the distance, with or without a measuring device.
The map should be a simple, good representation of the target area.
Target reconnaissance.
Training that consists of reconnoitering targets up to distances of 500m is of extreme
importance. To perform this training one must use the same field over which will be
performed the target acquisition exercises. With more experience visualizing the target at
different distances an experienced sniper can estimate different ranges very precisely.
(fig. 28)
Differentiation of hard to engage targets.
-Search and find target with binoculars.
-Shoulder the weapon and search with the scope
It is possible to increase the difficulty of the exercises with small or camouflaged targets.
This training can be done without live fire ammunition and in double action exercise.