Download Yamaha K-31 Technical data

70, 71
Common Bullet 11
Armor Piercing Bullet
Tracer Bullet
Common Cartridge
(No Color)
Armor Piercing Cartridge
Tracer Cartridge
Cartridge Bases
Fig. 30
Cartridges that carry a special bullet have been painted a particular color on the base:
Armor Piercing Cartridge: Purple
Tracer Cartridge: Red
Common Ball Cartridge 11
(Fig. 29 and 30)
48 There are three types of ball ammunition:
-Common Rifle Cartridge 11, 7.5 mm caliber
-Armor Piercing Cartridge, 7.5 mm caliber
-Tracer Cartridge, 7.5 mm caliber
These are identifiable by the color of their respective bases.
All of these ball munitions can be fired from either the Short Rifle (musketoon), Long Rifle, the
Automatic Rifle, and the Machine Gun.
Exception: One part of the ball ammunition (red label) has been designated as blue label
ammunition for security reasons. These ‘blue’ munitions should not be fired by any weapon
except a Machine Gun (see section 56, Packaging)
Rifle Cartridge 11
49 The bullet has a tapered form, pointed in front with a truncated cone at the rear. The middle of the
bullet is a cylinder that serves to guide the bullet on the inside of the barrel. The larger part of the
bullet is composed of lead, that gives it a relatively heavy weight. This leaden center is covered
with a steel jacket which makes the bullet more durable.
At 4000m the remaining bullet momentum is still sufficient to cause death.
Bullet Weight:
11.3 g
Powder Charge
3.2 g
Case Weight
12.3 g
Cartridge Weight
26.8 g