Download Yamaha K-31 Technical data

7 and 8
Part I
Weapon Description
I. Overview
The rifle (model 11 and model 31) is the soldier’s personal arm that he uses as a precision arm for
his protection at short distance. The great accuracy of this weapon allows the user to hit very
small targets at distances of more than hundreds of meters.
The Scoped Rifle is the weapon of the elite marksman. The scope improves visibility and
allows for more precise aiming.
The firing rate is very quick, due to the straight pull bolt that allows for simpler reloading motion.
A good marksman can fire 10 to 12 well-aimed shots per minute.
The rifle is used as well for launching anti-tank and smoke grenades. A grenade launcher is
provided for this purpose; the anti-tank grenade is launched with the help of a special propulsive
cartridge (contained in a special magazine).
Parts and Accessories
The principal parts of the rifle are:
The barrel, caliber 7.5 (fig. 2) with the sight mechanism. ( figs. 3 to 5)
The receiver (fig. 6 and 7) with the bolt stop;
The bolt with the bolt cam follower (fig. 8) , the cylinder (fig. 9) , the locking sleeve (fig. 10) and
the firing pin mechanism (fig. 11 and 12);
The trigger mechanism (fig. 6 and 7) with the trigger, sear and the trigger spring. The trigger
spring on the Model 31 activates the ejector as well.
The magazine (fig. 13), which holds 6 cartridges.
The Stock (fig.1) with the hand guard and fittings. (fig. 14)
The accessories comp rise
The muzzle cover to protect the mouth of the barrel and the front sight.
The bayonet (fig. 15)
The accessories pouch (fig. 16)