Download Siemens SL42 User guide

U35 /SL45i- English, A31008-H4860-A1-3-7619
Menu ! Setup ! Network !
then select a function:
Network info
The list of GSM networks currently
available is shown.
Indicates forbidden
Service Providers
(depending on SIM card).
Change network
Network search is restarted. This is
useful if you are not in your home
network or want to register in a
different network. The network info
list is rebuilt.
Auto network
Activate or deactivate, see also
“Change network” above.
If “Automatic Network“ is active,
the next network is dialled in the
order of your list of “preferred
Service Providers“. Otherwise, a
different network can be selected
manually from the list of available
GSM networks.
Operator list
A list of all known GSM Service
Providers is shown. Select entry and
press Select to display the code.
A new Service Provider can be
added to the list (enter the national
code and network code).
Further Network Select, change
and confirm.
Preferred network
The Service Providers you
prefer after your home Service
Provider are displayed in this list
(e.g. if there are several Service
Providers that differ in price).
When this function is activated, the
list that your home Service Provider
proposes is displayed first. You can
edit this as required.
Display list of preferred
• New entry:
Scroll to an empty entry in
the list.
Press and select one from
the list of all Service Providers.
• Change/delete old entry:
Select existing entry and delete it or
select an entry from the list of
Service Providers and confirm.
Band selection
Select either GSM 900 or
GSM 1800.
Barring restricts the use of your SIM
card (not supported by all Service
Providers). You need a 4 digit
password that your Service Provider
supplies you. You must be
registered separately for each