Download Siemens SL42 User guide

U35 /SL45i- English, A31008-H4860-A1-3-7619
Outgoing Access
All outgoing calls (except
emergency numbers) are barred.
Outgoing International
Only national calls can be made.
Out. Intern. excl. Home
International calls are not permitted.
However, you can make calls to your
own country when abroad.
All calls in
The phone is barred for all incoming
calls (forwarding all your calls to the
mailbox has a similar effect).
When roaming
You do not receive calls when
outside your home network. This
means that no charges are incurred
for incoming calls.
Status check
The following information can be
displayed after a status check:
Barring set
Barring not set
Status unknown
(e.g. new SIM card)
Clear all
All barrings are cleared.
Menu ! Setup ! Network !
then select a function:
User group
If offered by the Service Provider,
this service enables groups to be
formed. These have access for
example to internal (company)
information or special tariffs apply to
them. Check with your Service
Provider for details.
Activate or deactivate the function.
“User group” must be deactivated
for normal phone use (phone code,
p. 66).
Select Group
You may select or add groups other
than the preferred groups (see
below). The Service Provider
supplies you with code numbers for
the groups.
Outgoing Access
In addition to network control for a
user group, it is possible to set
whether outgoing calls outside the
group are permitted . If the function
is deactivated, only calls within the
group are permitted.
Preferred group
If activated, only calls within this
standard user group can be made
(depending on the network