Download Siemens SL42 User guide

U35 /SL45i- English, A31008-H4860-A1-3-7619
Data exchange
Sync Station
You can establish a “fixed“
connection between the phone and
the PC via the Sync Station.
(Change) Activate infrared data
Indicator on the display:
If switched on.
During transmission.
Integral modem
The phone has an integral modem
that is used for data exchange via
the infrared port or a cable.
Switching your phone off and on after using
the Data Exchange Software or Siemens
QuickSync Software lets you use the integrated modem.
• Connect the mains power socket
and the Sync Station " to the
plug-in power supply.
Technical data
Data transfer is not available unless the
power supply unit is connected.
Modem driver:
Conforms to the V.25 command set.
• Connect the Sync Station # to
the serial interface of the PC using
the connecting cable.
• Insert the phone into the Sync
Station $ and press downward
until it engages.
The contact message is
Conforms to ITU-T standard V.22bis
(2400, 4800 and 9600 bit/s).
Fax at 2400, 4800, 7200 and
9600 bit/s.
Conforms to service class 2.
IrDA (Infrared)
(Menu) ! Setup ! IrDA
The infrared port integrated in the
phone cannot be used unless the
other device has a corresponding
Align the infrared windows with
each other (max. distance 30 cm).
Setting on the PC
For fax or data transfer with
communications software on your
PC you must install a standard
modem in its operating system
control panel:
• Standard modem, 19,200 bit/s,
• Fax 9600 bit/s maximum,
• infrared 115,000 bit/s.