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U35 /SL45i- English, A31008-H4860-A1-3-7619
Possible causes
Entries cannot be
MultiMediaCard™ not inserted
made in Addressbook.
Addressbook is full.
Addressbook cannot MultiMediaCard™ has been changed
be found.
or is not inserted.
Language cannot be File deleted from the MultiMediaselected.
Transferred music
The files have not been copied into the
files not found.
MP3 folder.
Incorrect format for the MP3 files
Voice mail does not
Message “
Call diversion not set
Message cannot be
Service Providers do not support this
Phone number of the Service Centre is
not set or is wrong.
SIM card contract does not support this
Service Provider overloaded
Addressee does not have
a compatible phone.
Not supported by Service Provider or
registration required.
Charge pulse not transmitted.
Function cannot be
Charge counter does
not work.
PIN error
Message store full
Three wrong entries
Phone code error
Three wrong entries
Service Provider code No authorisation for this service.
Possible remedy
Insert MultiMediaCard™ with Addressbook.
Delete Addressbook entries (see p. 21).
Insert MultiMediaCard™ with Addressbook.
Load language file from the CD ROM with
Data Exchange software (see p. 77).
Use the MultiMediaCard™ Explorer to
move files to the MP3 folder (see p. 73).
Use RealJukebox ™ (deactivate security
function) for encoding (see p. 28).
Set call diversion
(see p. 60).
Delete a message to make room
(see p. 47).
Check with your Service Provider.
Set Service Centre (see p. 49).
Contact your Service Provider.
Repeat message.
Contact your Service Provider.
Contact your Service Provider.
Enter the MASTER PIN (PUK) provided
with the SIM according to the instructions. If MASTER PIN or PIN has been lost,
contact your Service Provider.
Contact Siemens Service (see p. 80).
Contact your Service Provider.