Download Siemens Mobile Phone User guide

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Questions & Answers
Possible causes
Possible solution
No connection to
Signal weak.
Move higher, to a window or open space.
Outside GSM range.
Check service provider coverage map.
SIM card not valid.
Contact the service provider.
New network not authorised. Try manual selection or select a different network
(p. 63).
Network barring is set.
Check barrings (p. 61).
Network overloaded.
Try again later.
Phone loses
Signal too weak.
Reconnection to another service provider is automatic
(p. 62). Switching the phone off and on may speed
this up.
Calls not possible.
2nd line set.
Set line 1
New SIM card inserted.
Check for new restrictions.
(p. 62).
Charge limit reached.
Reset limit with PIN 2 (p. 32).
Credit used up.
Load credit.
Certain uses of the Call restrictions are set.
phone not possible.
Barrings may be set by your service provider. Check
barrings (p. 61).
No entries possible Phonebook is full.
in Phonebook.
Delete entries in Phonebook (p. 25).
Voice mail does not Call divert to the mailbox
not set.
Set call divert to the mailbox (p. 59).
SMS (message)
T flashes.
SMS memory full.
Delete messages (SMS), (p. 35) to make room.
Function cannot
be set.
Not supported by service
provider or registration
Contact your service provider.
Memory problems Phone memory full.
with ringtones, pictures, SMS.
Delete files where necessary.
No WAP access, no Profile not activated, profile
download possible. settings wrong/incomplete.
Activate WAP profile (p. 46), check settings.
If necessary consult your service provider.