Download Canon MP41DHII Operating instructions

General Maintenance
Decimal Point Selector Switch
Rounding Switch
Grand Total / Rate Set Switch
Item Count Switch
Power / Print Switch
Key Index
Important Functions to Remember
Tax Calculation Function
Cost-Sell-Margin Calculation Function
Replacing the Ink Ribbon
Inser ting Printing Paper
Calculation Example
General Maintenance
ve the calculator under direct sunlight. Areas subject to rapid
temperature changes, high humidity, dust and dirt should also be avoided.
y cloth to clean the casing of the unit. Do not use water or detergents.
inter until the paper roll is loaded.
void using the calculator in places where there are iron filings, as this may
affect the electrical circuits of the calculator.
ything on top of the machine, particularly on top of the printer
urn the calculator off before removing the plug from the electrical outlet.
ical fault (i.e. smoke), disconnect the plug from the
ical socket-outlet immediately. The socket outlet shall be installed
Decimal P oint Selector Switc h
Used for designating the decimal point position (+ 0 2 3 4 6 F)
or calculated results.
+ (Ad d-Mode) : Addition and subtraction functions are performed
with an automatic 2-digit decimal. It is convenient for currency
F (Floating Decimal P oint) : All effective numbers up to 14 digits
are printed or displayed.