Download Sharp MX-7040N Specifications

MX-7040N / MX-6240N Sales Guide
Eco Mode
The MX-7040N / MX-6240N have an “Eco mode”, which can make the energy saving related settings collectively.
Enhanced Auto Power Shut Off (Upgraded!)
The MX-7040N / MX-6240N have an enhanced “Auto Power Shut-off” mode. In the past models, MFPs can
automatically set the auto power shut-off timer in accordance with average of usage for four weeks. However, it
is NOT suitable for users who intensively use MFP in the specific day(s). Then, the MX-7040N / MX-6240N
prepare “Specific Date Operation Settings”. This enables users to set the specific pattern manually to suit their
Eco Scan Feature
The MX-7040N / MX-6240N also support Eco scan feature. Jobs not requiring printing such as Image Send or
Scan to HDD can be executed with the fuser turned off.
Power On/Off Scheduling
Users or the Administrator can register the schedule so that the MX-7040N / MX-6240N are automatically turned
on or off. For example, they can set the MFP to be turned on at the start time of work and then turned off during
lunch time or at the end of the day. They can set up to three patterns.
Environmental Regulations
RoHS is a European directive, on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and
electronic equipment.
WEEE – The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations is aimed at reducing the amount of waste
going to landfill and improving recovery and recycling rates.
Energy Star is a label for energy efficient products with worldwide recognition. The Energy
Star programme was introduced to Europe in 2002 as a voluntary label for computers,
monitors, printers, fax machines, scanners, copiers and multifunctional machines. New
specifications were introduced in 2007 which ensure that the Energy Star represents only
the markets most energy efficient products.
The official Nordic Ecolabel demonstrates that a product is a good environmental choice.
They check that products fulfil certain criteria including power consumption, materials
used, emissions and performance properties. The label is usually valid for three years.
(As of April 2012, MX-7040N / MX-6240N have not yet been certified with Nordic Ecolabel).
The MX series is designed with the environment in mind and based on Sharp’s policy of becoming a totally
environmentally friendly company.
The MX series has been developed with “Common platform” concept, which utilises common mechanical
parts, boards, consumables, software and controllers as much as possible. This fact is important for the
overall company’s activities such as stock management, production, logistics, technical training, etc. This
means less power is required to sustain the company’s activities and total energy consumption is reduced, as
everything is Sharp.
The material name and characteristics are mentioned on all plastic parts and cabinet for recycling. Also
labels for caution or operation are reduced as much as possible and instead of these messages are now
embossed on plastic.
 Biomass Plastic (New!)
MX-7040N / MX-6240N are the first Sharp’s overseas models that adopt the biomass plastic that is
environmentally friendly, ie, it can reduce CO2 emissions.