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Using Shortcut Keys
The following list shows the shortcut keys for working with the Power Tool:
F1 key
Displays context-sensitive Help.
F5 key
Refreshes the Tree Browser.
Ctrl + N
Opens a new I/O driver configuration
Ctrl + O
Allows you to open an existing SI7
driver configuration file or a 6.x S_7
.CSV file. If you are connecting to
the SI7 server remotely, specify a
local drive on the server (for example,
C:) when opening a file.
Ctrl + S
Saves the current file to the path
specified in the title bar of the Power
Tool. The Power Tool saves the
driver configuration in SI7 format,
even if you imported a 6.x S_7 .CSV
Alt + Shift + S
Opens and closes the server window
when an item in the Tree Browser is
selected. Use the server window for
troubleshooting. When you are not
debugging a problem, leave the server
window closed.
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