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Automatic driver startup does not work | The driver does not load | Setting the I/O
Driver for Automatic Startup in FIX/iFIX
The driver does not communicate to any device
If the driver loads and starts polling but you are not getting any information from your
devices, examine the statistics in the SI7 I/O Driver Power Tool for information about
the driver’s current state. Start at the highest level of the driver statistics:
To display driver statistics
Select the I/O driver icon from the SI7 I/O Driver Power Tool’s Tree Browser
and select Stats Mode from the Display Mode menu. The I/O driver’s
statistics display in the Power Tool.
If you see errors, examine the channel statistics to determine which channel(s)
has the problem device(s).
Examine the device(s) statistics as well. The device statistics may help to
narrow your search.
If you have multiple devices and the driver is not communicating with any of them,
you probably have a problem with your cable, network card, or SIMATIC NET
Chapter 14. Troubleshooting