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My driver stops running after a period of time
You may have a power-saving option enabled in your computer’s BIOS. Powersaving utilities may put the hard drive in sleep mode and turn off the monitor to save
power. If you do have a power-saving utility, disable it.
Likewise, screen savers can stop your driver from running, depending on the screen
saver. If you have a screen saver enabled, disable it and turn off your monitor when
no operators are actively using your SCADA server.
The driver will also stop running when the access time expires, if the secondary poll
time is disabled. If this is the problem:
Enable the datablock’s secondary poll time.
Configure the secondary poll time to be longer than the primary poll time.
Save the driver configuration.
Restart the Power Tool.
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I do not receive driver messages in Alarm History
You may have started the I/O Server before starting FIX or iFIX. Typically, the I/O
Server starts when you start a driver configuration program, such as the I/O Driver
Power Tool or a Visual Basic client application.
Chapter 14. Troubleshooting