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View Use Window
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A lock icon appears for PDF files with Document Open Password set.
Thumbnails may appear as "?" in the following cases.
- Opening unsupported images
- File size is too large and there is not enough memory to display the image
- The file is corrupted
When Images are Sorted by Categories
Scanned images are displayed by category.
Some images may not be detected correctly and thus may be classified into wrong categories.
In that case, drag and drop an image and move it from one category to another.
Category name Images: N (Selected: n)
Category name
The following categories are provided.
Photos: Portrait, Others
Documents: Business Card, Postcard, Standard Size, PDF File, Others
Custom categories: Displays your custom categories.
Unclassified: Displays images that have not yet been classified.
Images: N
The number of images classified into the category is displayed.
(Selected: n)
The number of images with the checkbox selected is displayed.
This portion is displayed only when one or more images are selected.
Close All / Open All
Close All
Hides all images.
Open All
Displays all images.
Immediately after opening the View & Use window or sorting images, all images appear
and Close All is displayed.
Click Close All to change to Open All.
Specific Categories / All Categories
You can narrow down the categories to display only those containing images. If you narrow
down the categories, more images are displayed in the Thumbnail List area, allowing you to
find or move images easily.
This button is displayed only when My Box (Scanned/Imported Images) or Specify Folder is
Specific Categories
Displays categories containing images, along with the contained images.