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Auto Scan Dialog Box
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Scan Dialog Box
Auto Scan Dialog Box
Click Auto Scan on the Custom Scan with One-click tab or click Auto in the One-click Mode screen to
open the Auto Scan dialog box.
The following types of documents cannot be scanned correctly. In that case, click another icon in
One-click Mode or on the Custom Scan with One-click tab and specify the document type or size.
- Documents other than photos, postcards, business cards, magazines, newspapers, text
documents and CD/DVD
- A4 size photos
- Text documents smaller than 2L (5 inches x 7 inches) (127 mm x 178 mm), such as paperback
pages with the spine cut off
- Documents printed on thin white paper
- Long narrow documents such as panoramic photos
Reflective CD/DVD labels may not be scanned properly.
Place documents correctly according to the type of document to be scanned. Otherwise, documents
may not be scanned correctly.
See "Placing Documents " for details on how to place documents.
To reduce moire, click another icon in One-click Mode or on the Custom Scan with One-click tab
and set Document Type to Magazine.
Scan Settings
Enable Auto Photo Fix
Select this checkbox to analyze the photo image and apply suitable corrections automatically.
This function is available when Auto or JPEG/Exif is selected for Save as type in Save Settings.
When Save as type is Auto, the base color tone of the following types of documents may
change from the source since they are corrected as photos. In that case, deselect the checkbox
and scan.
- Postcards and business cards
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