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Exif Settings Dialog Box
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Settings Dialog Box
Exif Settings Dialog Box
You can input Exif information into a file to be saved. Exif is a standard format for embedding various
shooting data in digital camera images (JPEG). Embedding Exif information into scanned images
allows you to organize and print them along with digital camera images.
The Exif Settings dialog box can be opened when Save as type is JPEG/Exif.
Basic Information
Displays the information obtained automatically from the machine or software.
Advanced Information
Displays the information specified on the right side of the screen.
Advanced Information Settings Area
You can input Exif information such as the title and shooting data. Select the checkbox of the items you
want to specify, and select or enter information.
Apply the Same Setting of Input Items Automatically
Select this checkbox to automatically display the information you specified for the previous image.
After specifying all the information you need, click Apply to embed it into the image. The information
appears in Advanced Information.
Embeds the specified information into the image and closes the screen. The specified information is
Cancels the settings and closes the screen.
Information is embedded when Cancel is clicked after clicking Apply.
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