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Scanning in Basic Mode
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Advanced Guide > Scanning > Scanning with Other Application Software > Scanning with Advanced Settings Using
ScanGear (Scanner Driver) > Scanning in Basic Mode
Scanning in Basic Mode
In Basic Mode, you can scan easily by following the on-screen steps.
This section explains how to scan a single document.
See "Scanning Multiple Documents at One Time with ScanGear (Scanner Driver) " to scan multiple
documents at one time.
The following types of documents may not be cropped correctly. In that case, click
on the Toolbar to switch to whole image view and scan.
- Photos that have a whitish border
- Documents printed on white paper, hand-written text, business cards, etc.
- Thin documents
- Thick documents
The following types of documents cannot be cropped correctly.
- Documents smaller than 1.18 inches (3 cm) square
- Photos that have been cut to various shapes
1. Place the document on the Platen, then start ScanGear (scanner driver).
Starting ScanGear (Scanner Driver)
Place the document face-down on the Platen and align an upper corner of the document with
the corner at the arrow (alignment mark) of the Platen.
2. Set Select Source according to the document placed on the Platen.
To scan magazines containing many color photos, select Magazine(Color).