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Basic Mode Tab
Image corrections
Fading correction
Corrects and scans photos that have faded with time or have a colorcast.
Backlight correction
Corrects photos that have been shot against light.
Gutter shadow correction
Corrects shadows that appear between pages when scanning open booklets.
For precautions on using this function, see Gutter Shadow Correction in " Image Settings
" (Advanced Mode tab).
Color Pattern...
Allows you to adjust the image's overall color. You can correct colors that have faded due to
colorcast, etc. and reproduce natural colors while previewing color changes.
Adjusting Colors Using a Color Pattern
Perform Scan
Scanning starts.
When scanning starts, the progress will be displayed. Click Cancel to cancel the scan.
The Preferences dialog box opens and you can make scan/preview settings.
Preferences Dialog Box
Closes ScanGear (scanner driver).
You can adjust or rotate preview images. The buttons displayed on the Toolbar vary by view.
In thumbnail view
In whole image view
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