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Input Settings
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Input Settings
Input Settings allows you to set the following items:
Select Source
The type of document to be scanned is displayed.
Paper Size
Select the size of the document to be scanned. This setting is available in whole film image view only.
When you select a size, the Preview area size changes accordingly.
Some applications have a limit to the amount of scan data they can receive. ScanGear (scanner
driver) can scan data that is of:
- 21000 pixels x 30000 pixels or less
If you change Paper Size after previewing, the preview image will be deleted.
If you are not sure which size you should select for Paper Size, set Paper Size to Full Platen, then
measure the size of the document and enter the values into
(Width) and
Color Mode
Select how to scan the document.
Select this mode to scan color documents or to create color images. This mode renders the
image in 256 levels (8 bit) of R(ed), G(reen), and B(lue).
Select this mode to scan black and white photos, or to create black and white images. This mode