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Image Settings
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setting Unsharp Mask to OFF may reduce the noise patterns.
Gutter Shadow Correction
Use this function to correct shadows that appear between pages when scanning open booklets.
When you set the Gutter Shadow Correction setting in the preview image, the result will be reflected.
Preview the effects before scanning, as results vary depending on the type of document and how it is
Unclear or blurred text/lines caused by curved pages are not corrected. This setting is None by default.
Gutter shadow will not be corrected.
Select this when the effect level is too strong with the medium setting.
It is recommended that you normally select this setting.
Select this when the effect level is too weak with the medium setting.
Do not place items that weigh 4.4 lbs (2.0 kg) or more on the Platen. Also, do not press on the
document with a force exceeding 4.4 lbs (2.0 kg). If you press heavily, the scanner may not work
correctly or you might break the glass.
Align the document with the edge of the Platen. If not, the shadow will not be corrected properly.
Shadows may not be corrected properly depending on the document. If the page background is
not white, shadows may not be detected correctly or may not be detected at all.
While scanning, press down on the spine with the same amount of pressure you used to preview
the scan. If the binding part is not even, the shadow will not be corrected properly.
How to place the document depends on your model and the document to be scanned.
Cover the document with black cloth if white spots, streaks, or colored patterns appear in scan
results due to ambient light entering between the document and the Platen.
If the shadow is not corrected properly, adjust the cropping frame on the preview image.
Adjusting Cropping Frames
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