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An Error Code Is Displayed on the LED
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An Error Code Is Displayed on the LED
Alarm Lamp Is Lit Orange
When a machine error occurs, the Alarm lamp is lit orange and E and number (error code) are
alternately displayed on the LED. Check the error code displayed on the LED and take the
appropriate action to correct the error.
* Depending on the error occurred, the Alarm lamp is not lit.
Error Code
E, 0, 2
The machine is out of
paper. / Paper does not
Reload the paper on the Rear Tray correctly
and press the Black or Color button.
E, 0, 3
Paper Output Tray is
closed./Paper jam.
If the Paper Output Tray is closed, open it. The
machine resumes printing.
If opening the Paper Output Tray does not
resolve the problem, or if the tray was open to
begin with, the paper may be jammed. Remove
the jammed paper, reload paper properly in the
printer, then press the Black or Color button.
Paper Jams
E, 0, 4
E, 0, 5
The FINE Cartridge cannot
be recognized.
The FINE Cartridge may not be installed
properly, or the Cartridge may not be
compatible with this machine.
Open the Scanning Unit (Cover) and install the
appropriate FINE Cartridge.
If the error is not resolved, contact the service
E, 0, 7
FINE Cartridge is not
installed in the correct
Make sure that each FINE Cartridge is installed
in the correct position.
Routine Maintenance
E, 0, 8
Ink absorber is almost full.
Press the machine's Black or Color button to
continue printing. Contact the service center.
E, 0, 9
(MP270 series
The machine has not
received a response from
the digital camera. The
digital camera or digital
video camcorder connected
is not compatible with this
Check the device connected to the
machine. Printing photos directly is
possible only with a PictBridge compliant
A communication time out occurs if an
operation takes too long or if it takes too
much time to send data. This may cancel
printing. In such cases, disconnect and
reconnect the USB cable.
When printing from a PictBridge compliant
device, depending on the model or brand of
your device, you may have to select a
PictBridge compliant print mode on the