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Lines Are Misaligned
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Advanced Guide > Troubleshooting > Print Results Not Satisfactory > Lines Are Misaligned
Lines Are Misaligned
Check 1: Did you confirm the paper and print quality settings?
Print Results Not Satisfactory
Check 2: Perform Print Head Alignment.
If you did not align the Print Head after installation, straight lines may be printed misaligned.
Aligning the Print Head
If the problem is not resolved after performing the Print Head Alignment, perform Print Head
Alignment manually referring to Aligning the Print Head Position .
Check 3: Is the size of the print data extremely large?
Click Print Options on the Page Setup sheet. Then, select the Prevent loss of print data check box in
the displayed dialog.
Check 4: Is the Page Layout Printing performed or the Binding margin
function used?
When the Page Layout Printing or Binding margin function is being used, thin lines may not be
printed. Try thickening the lines in the document.
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