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About Solution Menu
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About Solution Menu
Quick Shortcut!! Solution Menu
Solution Menu is a menu window that provides quick access from your desktop to Canon applications,
manuals, and online product information.
The number and types of buttons displayed in the window may vary depending on your printer and
Starting Solution Menu
Click Here: Solution Menu
To start from desktop, see below.
Double-click the Canon Solution Menu icon on the desktop. Alternatively, from the Start menu, select (All)
Programs > Canon Utilities > Solution Menu > Solution Menu.
From the next time, Solution Menu starts when Windows starts.
If the Start Solution Menu when Windows starts checkbox at the bottom left of the window is not selected,
Solution Menu does not start when Windows starts.
Solution Menu will start automatically when you install it using the Setup CD-ROM that
accompanies the printer.
Changing the Window Size
(window size: large) or
(window size: small) on the title bar to change the window size