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Making calls in the team/executive/secretary configuration
Step by Step
Making calls in the team/
executive/secretary configuration
If configured (consult your service personnel), you belong to a team of subscribers with multiple lines (multiline Æ page 12). Your phone features trunk keys
(MULAP keys) Æ page 94.
A distinction is made between primary and secondary
lines. Each of these line types can be used on a private
or shared basis Æ page 93.
Primary line
All multi-line telephones have a primary line. This line
can be reached in the usual manner via your public
phone number. Incoming calls are signaled on this line.
Secondary line
The secondary line on your phone is used as a primary
line by another subscriber. Your primary line, which is
configured on another telephone, simultaneously functions as the secondary line on that telephone.
Line utilization
Private line
A line that is used by a single telephone. This line cannot be used as a secondary line by another telephone.
Shared line
A line that is configured on multiple telephones. The
line status (if configured) is displayed for all telephones
that share this line. If, for example, a shared line is being
used by a telephone, a status message indicating that
this line is busy is displayed on all other telephones.
Direct call line
A line with a direct connection to another telephone.
You can see the status of the line from the LED.