Download Belkin F5U120-PC User manual

8:19 AM
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Please read this manual thoroughly in its entirety.
Failure to follow installation and other recommended
procedures may result in irreversible damage to the
product, your computer and/or connected devices.
The Belkin DockStation™ is the perfect low-cost universal
docking station. It is by far the easiest and most convenient
way to connect devices to your laptop or legacy-free PC.
Leave all of your devices attached to the DockStation™, when
you return to the office one cable instantly connects multiple
devices to your laptop or PC with Plug-and-Play ease – you
don’t even need to reboot.
The DockStation™ provides four USB ports to connect USB
devices, one parallel port to connect your printer, two PS/2
ports to connect keyboards or mice, one serial port to
connect your modem, digital camera, or PDA.