Download Asus M10 Owner`s manual

TIP: To avoid losing your customized
settings, replace the battery within
five minutes of removing it from your
Contact your local waste disposal
department for information on properly
disposing of the battery and the device.
Change the Fuse in the
Vehicle Power Cable
1. Use a coin to push down the sliver
tip, and turn the coin counterclockwise, one-quarter turn.
2. Remove the end piece, the silver
tip, and the fuse.
3. Install a 1 A fast blow fuse of the
same size.
4. Ensure that the silver tip is located
in the end piece. Using a coin,
replace the end piece.
When replacing the fuse, do not lose
any of the small pieces and make
sure they are put back in the proper
position. The vehicle power cable
does not work unless it is assembled
If your device does not charge in your
vehicle, you may need to replace the
fuse located at the tip of the vehicle
nüvifone M10 Owner’s Manual