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Sound, Paging and Public Address
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Bosch Praesideo
Bosch Plena Mixer Amplifiers
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The Plena single-zone mixer amplifiers are available with a choice of 30 W, 60 W or
120 W rated output power. The two-zone mixer amplifiers are available with 120 W or
240 W of output power. All Plena models have interconnection facilities for
connecting external sound-processing equipment (such as an equalizer) between the
preamplifier and power amplifier stages. The Plena mono mixer amplifiers have four
microphone inputs and separate priority and music inputs. Additional functionality
like priority assignment, VOX switching, speech filter and two-tone chimes are also
provided. Additional Plena power amplifiers may be added to increase
loudspeaker-driving capability. The dual-zone model directs sound (announcements
or background music) to two separate areas - very useful if announcements or
background music need not to be heard everywhere. Two front panel switches direct
the output to the separate zone.
Versatility, reliability and ease of use are what the Bosch Plena Easy Line is all about.
With Bosch's dedication to quality, the Plena E products offer an ideal solution for
small- to mid-size installations. Various system elements can be combined and
tailored to fit practically any location, from a simple single-zone system to an
extensive, customized, multizone configuration. Built to last, all the Plena Public
Address Easy Line products feature excellent sound and speech intelligibility, thanks
to a smart equalizing approach and built-in limiters. On top of its clean-cut design,
extra items like zone labeling and setting indicators make it a snap to use. Easy
expandability with low-overhead cost guarantee that the system will be used for years
to come.
The Plena Easy Line Mixer Amplifiers are professional public-address units with
modern state-of-the-art features. They are easy to use, taking the complexity away
from the user and putting it where it belongs, inside the equipment. Providing a crisp
call or clear music is as easy as turning on the radio. Offering the essentials of public
address in an affordable package.
• Voice-activated priority override
• Smart EQ curves made to optimize voice and music
• Unique labeling solution
• Transparent and effective limiter circuitry for system protection and
sonic integrity
• 70 V and telephone input with priority and VOX
• Dedicated wall panel for zone, source, mic selector and volume control
• Dedicated two-zone paging console with an additional seven chime tones
built in
Anixter No. Vendor No.
394459 PLE-1MA030-US 30 W single-zone mixer amplifier
394460 PLE-1MA060-US 60 W single-zone mixer amplifier
394461 PLE-1MA120-US 120 W single-zone mixer amplifier
394462 PLE-2MA120-US 120 W two-zone mixer amplifier
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Sound, Paging and Public Address
Bosch Praesideo is a combined public-address and mass-notification system, the
foremost solution for situations where a fast response, absolute message clarity and
unquestionable reliability are required.
Digital Performance and Flexibility
Bosch Praesideo is the world's first fully digital public-address and emergency sound
system. The system's unique optical network offers total freedom in system design,
interference-free audio and a high level of redundancy that traditional systems cannot
offer. It is fully programmable and interfaces with other security systems.
With 28 dynamically assigned digital audio channels, digital message management
and background music (BGM) routing to a virtually unlimited number of zones, the
Praesideo is ideal for medium- to large-scale public-address and voice
alarm applications.
Bosch Praesideo is fully supervised and constantly monitors system operation,
amplifiers, microphones, loudspeaker line integrity and individual loudspeakers.
Built-in redundancy and automatic spare-amplifier switching guarantee continuity.
• Compliant with almost all major standards for emergency sound systems
• Digital audio
• DSPs in most system elements
• Loudspeaker line supervision
• High-capacity network
• Branched tree or loop network topology
• Optical fiber network - convert to glass fiber, for long runs
• Audio over IP Web-based technology with a user-friendly configuration tool
• Lower power consumption (battery capacity), less heat, less rack space
• Reduced installation cost
• Multiple simultaneous audio channels
• System elements can be located anywhere with virtually no system limits,
making installation quick and easy
• Higher security in operation
• Immune to interferences
• Direct connection to local area network (no additional PC required), remote
configuration and remote diagnostics
• Reduces engineering costs