Download Siemens OpenStage 40 G SIP User guide

Getting to know your OpenStage phone
Multi-function keys
Key Function during text input
) Write special characters.
Function when held down
Activate/deactivate ringtone.
between upper and
Activate the telephone lock.
( Switch
lower case
Alphabetic labeling of dial keys is also useful when entering vanity numbers (letters associated with the phone number’s digits as indicated on the
telephone spell a name, e.g. 0700 - PATTERN = 0700 - 7288376).
Text editor
Additional options are available in the text editor. This is used when programming a forwarding destination, for example. In this way, you can,
for example, move the cursor freely and copy or insert text.
You can select further editor functions via the click wheel, and confirm
each one using i:
• OK: Applies changes and closes the editor
• Delete: Deletes characters from right to left
• Cancel: Discards changes and exits the editor
• Mode (here ( can also be used to switch):
– 123: Digits only
– ABC: Upper-case letters only
– Abc: First letter in upper case, subsequent letters in lower case
– abc: Lower case letters only
• Move cursor left: Moves the cursor to the left
• Move cursor right: Moves the cursor to the right
• Copy: Copies the entire content to the clipboard
• Paste: Inserts the entire content from the clipboard to the cursor position