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Configure and Environment Commands
Table A-1. ENV Command Parameters (Continued)
ENV Parameter and Options
Meaning of Default
This is the time in seconds that
the Network Boot sequence will
delay before starting the boot.
The purpose for the delay is to
allow you the option of stopping
the boot by use of the Break key.
The time value is from 0 through
255 seconds.
Network Autoboot Configuration Parameters Pointer
This is the address where the
network interface configuration
parameters are to be
saved/retained in NVRAM;
these parameters are the
necessary parameters to perform
an unattended network boot.
Memory Search Starting Address
Where the Bug begins to search
for a work page (a 64KB block of
memory) to use for vector table,
stack, and variables. This must
be a multiple of the debugger
work page, modulo $10000
(64KB). In a multi-162
environment, each MVME162
board could be set to start its
work page at a unique address
to allow multiple debuggers to
operate simultaneously.
Memory Search Ending Address
Top limit of the Bug’s search for
a work page. If a contiguous
block of memory, 64KB in size, is
not found in the range specified
by Memory Search Starting
Address and Memory Search
Ending Address parameters,
then the bug will place its work
page in the onboard static RAM
on the MVME162. Default
Memory Search Ending Address
is the calculated size of local
Network Auto Boot Abort Delay
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