Download Motorola MVME712AM Installation guide

Hardware Preparation and Installation
MVME162 operates with its required and factory-installed Debug Monitor,
MVME162Bug (162Bug), with these factory jumper settings. Manually
configurable items include:
SIM selection for serial port B configuration (J10)
System controller selection (J1)
Synchronous clock selection (J11) for Serial Port 1/Console
Synchronous clock selection (J12) for Serial Port 2
SRAM backup power source selection (J20)
EPROM size selection (J21)
General-purpose readable register configuration (J22)
SIM Selection
Port B of the MVME162’s Z85230 serial communications controller is
configurable via a serial interface module (SIM) which is installed at connector
J10 on the MVME162 board. Four serial interface modules are available:
EIA-232-D (DCE and DTE)
EIA-530 (DCE and DTE)
You can change Port B from an EIA-232-D to an EIA-530 interface (or viceversa) by mounting the appropriate serial interface module. Port B is routed
(via the SIM at J10) to the 25-pin DB25 front panel connector marked SERIAL
For the location of SIM connector J10 on the MVME162, refer to Figure 2-1.
Figure 2-2 illustrates the secondary side (bottom) of a serial interface module,
showing the J1 connector which plugs into SIM connector J10 on the
MVME162. Figure 2-3 (sheets 3-6) and Figure 2-4 illustrate the six
configurations available for Port B.
For the part numbers of the serial interface modules, refer to Table 2-1. The
part numbers are ordinarily printed on the primary side (top) of the SIMs, but
may be found on the secondary side in some versions.
If you need to replace an existing serial interface module with a SIM of another
type, go to Removal of Existing SIM below. If there is no SIM on the main board,
skip to Installation of New SIM.
MVME162 Embedded Controller Installation Guide