Download Siemens SIMATIC TIWAY 1 User manual

Power-Up Diagnostics
The TI505 NIM executes the power-up diagnostics in the following cases:
Immediately following the application of +5VDC from the I/O base (power-up) as
part of its initialization
Any time the Reset switch is pressed
Following an HDLC DISC command from the Primary (A UNILINK Adapter can
be configured to disallow the disconnect command. See the UNILINK Host
Adapter User’s Manual for additional information.)
The power-up diagnostics checks the processor, performs a test of on-board RAM and
ROM, and performs an internal loopback test of the communication ports. At the start of
execution, all NIM LED indicators are turned on for approximately 1 second, then all
except the TEST indicator are turned off for approximately 10 seconds.
If the power-up diagnostics are successful, the NIM GOOD LED will be on, and an
attempt to establish communication with a TI505 P/C will be made. If this is successful,
the PC GOOD LED will illuminate and the NIM is ready for normal network operation.
If the power-up diagnostics fail, the NIM will not respond to any communications
attempts and the TEST LED will remain on.
If the TI505 P/C does not respond, the PC GOOD LED will remain extinguished, and the
NIM will issue an Exception Response with Error Code 1A (communication not
established with attached device) to any Primary initiating a P/C interactive command
to this NIM.
TIWAY 1 Ti505 NIM User Manual