Download Asus P5Q DELUXE GREEN Specifications

The ASUS AI Suite is an innovative application to do overclocking, fan control,
power saving and quiet thermal control.
ASUS AI Direct Link
The ASUS AI Direct Link provides up to 70% transferring speed improvement when
compared to traditional USB 2.0 and is the easiest and fastest way for users to
enjoy large-sized data exchange of files such as movies, music, etc
ASUS Express Gate SSD
Installs the ASUS Express Gate SSD update application.
Drive Xpert
Installs the ASUS Drive Xpert utility.
Marvell Yukon VCT Application
Installs the Marvell® Yukon Virtual Cable Tester™ (VCT) application that diagnoses
and reports LAN cable faults and shorts using the Time Domain Reflectometry
(TDR) technology.
Anti-Virus Utility
The anti-virus application detects and protects your computer from viruses that
destroys data.
Adobe Acrobat Reader 8
Installs the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader that allows you to open, view, and print
documents in Portable Document Format (PDF).
Ulead Burn.Now
Installs the Ulead Burn.Now application for Audio DVD, CD and data disc creation.
Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
Installs the Microsoft® DirectX 9.0c driver. The Microsoft DirectX® 9.0c is a
multimedia technology that enhances computer graphics and sound. DirectX®
improves the multimedia features of you computer so you can enjoy watching
TV and movies, capturing videos, or playing games in your computer. Visit the
Microsoft website ( for updates.
Corel MediaOne Starter
Installs the Corel MediaOne Starter application to easily manage, edit share and
protect your multimedia data.
Ulead PhotoImpact 12 SE
Installs the PhotoImpact image editing software.
Chapter 4: Software support