Download Sharp MX-C401 Specifications

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2008年10月16日 木曜日 午前10時51分
The image check function is used to display the content of a received fax or
other data in the touch panel.
Convenient uses of image check
"Printing only faxes that are needed"
You can check a received fax before printing it. If you don't need the fax, you
can delete it without printing it, allowing you to save paper and toner.
"Checking the content of a file stored in the
Before printing or sending a file stored using the document filing function,
you can check the content of the file. A preview can be displayed directly
from the Job Settings menu, making it easy to move from image preview to
execution of the job.
Data that can be checked
The image check function can be used to check the following types of data:
• Faxes received in fax mode
• Faxes received in Internet fax mode
• Faxes stored in a memory box
• Files stored using the document filing function
* The key names in the image check screen and the procedures for using
the screen vary depending on the image type.
When the image check function is used, a screen similar to the following
screen appears.