Sharp MX-C401 Specifications Download

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2008年10月16日 木曜日 午前10時51分
(8) Paper select display
This shows the size of paper
loaded in each tray and the amount
of paper remaining
The selected tray is highlighted.
The tray that is feeding paper is
indicated in green.
Do not pull out a tray while paper
is being fed from the tray. This
will cause a paper misfeed.
(9) Number of copies display
This shows the number of copies
(11) [2-Sided Copy] key
Touch this key to select the 2-sided
copying function.
(12) [Output] key
Touch this key to select an output
function such as sort, group, offset,
or staple sort.
(13) Customized keys
The keys that appear here can be
changed to show settings or
functions that you prefer.
(10) [Special Modes] key
Touch this key to select special
modes such as Margin Shift,
Erase, and Pamphlet Copy.