Download Electrolux T4300S Service manual

42. Drum with bearing
Replacement of drum / drum belt
1. Replace the belt, if defective.
2. Fig. 1 Hang the belt on 2 of the screws at the back of the drum compartment.
3. Fig. 2 Inspect the felt seals in the drum compartment.
4. Carefully push the drum into the dryer.
Be careful not to damage the felt seal in the drum compartment.
5. Fig. 3 next page Reinstall the bolt and washer into the drum.
Tighten the bolt to 20Nm (15ft lbs)
6. Fig. 4 next page Reinstall the bearing cover A and mount the 3 screws B.
7. Use the hole in the top of the drum compartment to put the belt around the drum.
8. Place the belt around the transmission pulley.
Note! It is important to fit the belt at the right place of the pulley,
see section 30: Mounting the drum motor and the transmission.
9. Rotate the drum manually until the belt is in the proper position on drum and pulley.
10. Tighten the belt, see section 30: Loosening the belt tensioner af the drum motor.
11. Inspect the rubber gasket at the front, see section 29: Replacement of rubber
12. Mount the panel with door switch mounted. Fasten the nut in the top of the panel
13 Connect the wire to the door switch.
14. Reassemble the front panel, door hinges, and door.
15. Connect the power supply
Function check
Test the dryer, see section 11: Function check.
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