Download Canon PIXMA MP620B Instruction manual

MP620 series Advanced Guide
Page 118 of 815 pages
Scanning with WIA Driver
Scanning using the Control Panel (Windows XP Only)
Printing Using the Operation Panel of the Machine
Making Copies
Setting Items
Reducing or Enlarging a Copy
Changing Intensity Setting
Displaying the Preview Screen
Using Useful Copy Functions
Special Copy
Settings for Special Copy
Copying without Borders (Borderless Copy)
Copying Two Pages to Fit onto a Single Page (2-on-1
Copying Four Pages to Fit onto a Single Page (4-on1 Copy)
Repeating an Image on a Page (Image Repeat)
Copying Thick Originals Such as Books (Frame
Copying a Specified Area (Trimming)
Copying Images with Erasing a Part (Masking)
If an Error Occurs
The Machine Cannot Be Powered On
An Error Message Is Displayed on the LCD
LCD Cannot Be Seen At All
An Unintended Language Is Displayed on the LCD
Cannot Install the MP Drivers
Cannot Connect to Computer with a USB Cable Properly
Printing or Scanning Speed Is Slow/Hi-Speed USB
Connection Does Not Work/"This device can perform
faster" Message Is Displayed
Print Results Not Satisfactory
Cannot Print to End of Job
No Printing Results/Printing Is Blurred/Colors Are Wrong/
White Streaks
Lines Are Misaligned
Printed Paper Curls or Has Ink Blots
Paper Is Smudged/Printed Surface Is Scratched
Back of the Paper Is Smudged
Vertical Lines Are Printed on the Sides of the Printout
Colors Are Uneven or Streaked
Printing Does Not Start
Copying/Printing Stops Before It Is Completed
Machine Moves But Ink Is Not Ejected