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Using the Auto Photo Fix Function
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4. Click Auto Photo Fix, then click OK.
The entire photo is corrected automatically and the
the upper left of the image.
(Correction/Enhancement) mark appears on
(Compare) to display the images before and after the correction side by side so that
you can compare and check the result.
Click Reset Selected Image to undo the correction operation.
If you want to apply the correction to all the selected images at once, select the Apply to all
images checkbox.
5. Click Save Selected Image or Save All Corrected Images.
You can save corrected images as new files.
To save only the image you like, click Save Selected Image. To save all images, click Save All
Corrected Images.
Only JPEG/Exif file format is available for corrected images.
6. Click Exit.
The corrections will be lost if you exit before saving corrected images.
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