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Using the Red-Eye Correction Function
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Advanced Guide > Printing from a Computer > Printing with the Bundled Application Software > Correcting and
Enhancing Photos > Using the Red-Eye Correction Function
Using the Red-Eye Correction Function
You can correct red eyes caused by a camera flash.
You can perform the Red-Eye Correction function either automatically or manually.
Photo Print allows you to automatically correct red eyes when printing. To correct automatically,
select Enable Auto Photo Fix in Color correction for printing on the Advanced tab of the Preferences
dialog box and select the Enable Red-Eye Correction checkbox.
1. Select photos in the Select Images screen, then click
The Correct/Enhance Images window appears.
You can also display the Correct/Enhance Images window by clicking
Images) in the Layout/Print or Edit screen. In that case, only the image displayed in Preview
can be corrected/enhanced.
See "Correct/Enhance Images Window " for details on the Correct/Enhance Images window.
2. Select the image you want to correct from the list displayed in the lower part of the
Correct/Enhance Images window.
The image appears in Preview.
If only one image is selected, the thumbnail does not appear below Preview.
Auto Correction
3. Make sure that Auto is selected.
4. Click Red-Eye Correction.